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You, the patient, are the focus of what we do and why we are here.

Post-Surgical-Rehab Arpella

Post Surgical Rehab

Recover Stronger: Expert Post-Surgical Rehab at Arpella Health

Manual Therapy

Restore, Relieve, Revitalize: Experience Advanced Manual Therapy at Arpella Health
Close up of a needle and hands of physiotherapist doing a dry needling.

Dry Needling

Pinpoint Precision: Unleash Mobility and Comfort with Dry Needling at Arpella Health

Spinal Manipulation

Align Your Spine, Enhance Your Motion: Discover Spinal Manipulation at Arpella Health

BFR Therapy

Restrict to Rebuild: Accelerate Your Recovery with BFR Therapy at Arpella Health

Performance Therapy

Elevate Your Game: Advanced Performance Therapy for Peak Achievement at Arpella Health

Movement + Performance Analysis

Master Your Movement: Precision Analysis and Customized Performance Strategies at Arpella Health

Pregnant + Postpartum Athlete Management

Empower Your Journey: Specialized Care for Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes at Arpella Health
Health-+-Fitness -Programming-Arpella

Health + Fitness  Programming

Stay Active, Stay Driven: Customized Fitness Programming at Arpella Health

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Nourish Your Strength: Personalized Functional Nutrition Coaching at Arpella Health

Physical Therapy

Empower Your Movement: Expert Physical Therapy at Arpella Health
dry-needling-tmd2 (1)

Subcutaneous Fascial Needling

Gentle Touch, Deep Relief: Discover the Benefits of Subcutaneous Fascial Needling at Arpella Health

Our Locations

From two convenient locations, Arpella Health is committed to providing accessible, top-quality care. Our Arnold office, perfectly situated for easy access via Route 2 Ritchie Highway, is now joined by our recently opened second office, expanding our ability to serve the community more effectively. Visit us at either location for personalized and expert health services.


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