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BFR Therapy

Restrict to Rebuild: Accelerate Your Recovery with BFR Therapy at Arpella Health

At Arpella Health, our Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy incorporates cutting-edge Suji BFR cuffs, tailored to each individual to enhance recovery and boost performance significantly. This innovative therapy increases muscle strength and expedites muscle recovery, offering a swift and convenient route to stronger, more resilient muscles and tendons. BFR therapy is not only beneficial for athletes aiming to improve performance but also for anyone looking to enhance everyday functional abilities.

Our skilled physical therapists are trained in the application of BFR therapy, ensuring safe and effective sessions tailored to your recovery and performance goals. By integrating BFR into your rehabilitation or fitness plan, we aim to maximize your results, allowing you to achieve greater strength and endurance more quickly. Experience the benefits of accelerated recovery and enhanced performance with BFR therapy at Arpella Physical Therapy.


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