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Dry Needling

Pinpoint Precision: Unleash Mobility and Comfort with Dry Needling at Arpella Health

Functional trigger point dry needling is a type of manual technique performed by a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Physical Therapist with the intent of increasing the range of motion, decreasing pain, and restoring tissue function. The technique consists of a clinician threading a thin non-medicated monofilament (acupuncture needle) into a muscle or muscles to address tissue dysfunction. Potential tissue dysfunctions addressed with dry needling include relief of tissue restrictions or hyper-irritable band of muscle (typically referred to as a knot or trigger point) and restoring an efficient muscle contraction. Functional dry needling is always followed up with corrective exercises to reinforce the changes achieved by your Physical Therapist.

Functional Subcutaneous Needling, or Fascial Needling, is another type of dry needling that we offer here at Arpella Physical Therapy that serves to address not only a localized area of the body but global connective tissue which lends more to the old adage “the hip bone is connected to the….leg bone”.  This needling technique is geared towards addressing the body’s myofascial pain, characterized by the presence of hyper-irritable contractures or taut bands within the soft tissue. These taut bands oftentimes develop due to overuse, misuse (acute injury), and even underuse, causing continuous contraction within the muscle fibers/connective tissue. This can be a very effective technique if our global movement patterning is restricted or just not allowing you to move the way you would like to.

Close up of a needle and hands of physiotherapist doing a dry needling.


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