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We are focused on building a community of people who want the most out of their life. To get the most out of life, we feel that moving and feeling good doing so is the number one goal. Our Wellness Continuity Programs allow us to help you continue to feel good and make sure you are moving well along the way. Think of it as an accountability partner that only wants to see you succeed. Your health is not a cost, it’s an investment and it’s quite possibly the most important investment you could ever make.  


Facts about the Wellness Investment Continuity Programs 

  • 1x month:  1 visit per month with your Performance PT.  This visit involves a top-tier evaluation to make sure you are moving and feeling good.  Any issues found will be addressed using all the tools at our disposal. 


  • Discussion of goals for the next month.  What type of training do you want to do?  Are you trying to start getting to the gym more regularly?  Are you starting to workout at home on a more consistent basis?  Have you been continuing with your PT program on a regular basis?  Do you have nutrition questions?  How is your current training going?  Any aches or pains we should address today before they become more of an issue limiting the activities you want to consistently participate in? 


  • Packages are available all year long and can begin at any point in time. 


  • Program for the next 4 weeks built based on your needs and findings in your top tier evaluation.  Life is an ongoing process and we need to adapt on a regular basis to our environment and the world that is happening around us.  We build each month’s program based on what you need at that specific time. 


  • We offer a specific Open Enrollment Package in December that is discounted for the following year.  We begin sending out the invites for Open Enrollment the first week of December.

Our Locations

From two convenient locations, Arpella Health is committed to providing accessible, top-quality care. Our Arnold office, perfectly situated for easy access via Route 2 Ritchie Highway, is now joined by our recently opened second office, expanding our ability to serve the community more effectively. Visit us at either location for personalized and expert health services.


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